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Photographer, Videographer, picture collector.
His self media practice is a reaction in front of his every day life as an explorator of contemporary globalize society.
His main worry interrogate the fate of human being in the social space, represent their discord, their balance of power. He use photography to seeing world with a new and distanced viewpoint, a stranger’s viewpoint to the world’s strangeness
Consequences of the fact that the world is crowded by a representation’s overflow, Alexis Bertrand extract his own pictures from the «society of the spectacle» is a way to reclaim, to re-appropriate by himself this representation, to examine there interactions with the world, with people, to extract from this interactions a sensible and critics vision. His photography practice compares in the pictures, signs, people, objects, to interrogate what unites it and what separate it.
When he’s building a picture, he use his frame like a mounting and collage tools to match the different signs, the difference plans who will be confront on the picture. This approach bring him to practice video and to collect found pictures.
Coming from a traditional street photography vision, Alexis Bertrand start to remove localization, to make room for a synthetic vision of the individual location in the post-modernity. A world without main story, without linear history, and who seems not belong to us.
In his picture, each place could be find everywhere in the world, it’s important to him to anterritorialize them in the way of overcome them from a specific social purview. His point is to act out what is collective, universal, politic, in this common, fragmentary, intimate instant.
How the figure confers a presence to what is around him? How individual apprehends space, appropriates it, protect themselves from it, crosses it ?
We could assimilate his work from what Allan Sekula calls the critical realism in photography. in reference of the french literature movement, in the 19 century.
A second time of his work is the joint between his pictures. With time, he build a large photography atlas. It’s in this atlas that he extract few of this photography, in order to create singular set. his work ends up to use the form of installations and books. This form are thoughts like montage exercise between the few picture he selects. This montage practice is a privileged place to give a visibility to our contemporaneity in all it multiplicity.

Böckhstr. 40, 10967 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany